Well, it took slightly longer than my previous optimistic estimate of one week, but we finally downed Crucia to complete Frozen Tempest. Congratulations to Ayae, Sylid and Zevlin who won the guild’s first level 60 raid relic drops.


Next Monday sees the continuation of our progression attempts in Endless Eclipse, the last of the tier 1 raids, with the Matriarch of Pestilence, Dread Lord Goloch and Reginald still to go. I’m pretty sure his name is Reginald, anyway.

Onward, to more (cleric) loot!


Following on the heels of our trip to Grim Awakening to shut Kaliban up, we returned to Frozen Tempest to see if we could beat last week’s 6% wipe to the awkwardly-named Kolmasveli and Toinenveli.

After swiftly (for us) dispatching harpy-woman and floating-bare-arse-woman, we wandered upstairs and spent a good 30-40 minutes getting the twins to single digit percentages, before finally downing them on the last pull of the night.



Next week we’ll attempt to pry Crucia off that pillar she’s holding onto, and make her give us some loot as well.

P.S. Pronoes won some level 60 raid gear for the first time ever. Bless.


We arranged a 10 man GA run tonight and managed a Magma Lord Kaliban kill!